A little more of me

I bet you thought I gave up on the blog idea. Nope. We’re still in the get to know each other stage and I’m not always sure how and what to reveal next. I wrote these words as a response to a post on Facebook but they reflect my heart unashamedly and it is a message I am passionate about.

— “Isn’t it awesome and humbling that God, our Father looks not on the outer appearance, but on the heart. That the perfect blood of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ covers ALL of our behaviors regarding ALL of them as the actions of sinners. I have to say, finding myself the parent of three gay children has brought me out of a very complacent christian walk to a deeper relationship with my Lord and has restored the joy of my salvation. Through the scriptures. Every time a member of the Body posts something mocking they shoot arrows through the hearts of other believers. Try, for a moment, to imagine the depth of pain, desperation and hopelessness of the one who cannot understand why the gay will not pray away. For the one who has to choose between honesty and the possibility of losing all. I will never forget the first of my children to come to us. He fully expected to be rejected and asked to leave our home. He wasn’t confessing a lifestyle, he was confessing this is who I am in my heart and I can’t lie about it anymore. We cried with him and held him. Did you know that the majority of runaways and street kids are rejected LGBT children? The majority of teen suicides as well. I am grateful to my core the Lord Jesus Christ took ME just as I am and has kept on loving me just as I am.”

So, yeah, two new facts about me. I am a Christian, in the born-again Bible believing sense, and I have three (out of four) gay kids. My God is awesome and my kids are amazing. I believe that my children are fearfully and wonderfully made by that God on purpose and they are beloved in the eyes of The Father.

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