Confession Time.

What seems like eons ago, when I was all proud of myself for my newly accepting attitude of my gay children, my daughter started the conversation about marriage. The girls hadn’t been dating long so the topic was relatively objective. At that point, Bob and I hadn’t considered it deeply. We were not supportive of gay marriage at that point and felt it was not God’s approved plan. Understand, please, that we see the role of a wedding guest as integral to the covenant of marriage. We are exhorted so in the ceremony. Initially, we truly felt we would dishonor the Lord we love by participating. When Rory realized that we wouldn’t be there, that Daddy would not walk her down the aisle, Mama wouldn’t make her dress, she was devastated. The pain in our family was palpable. She knew we wouldn’t approve but she didn’t realize it meant not participating at all. We thought it was understood, so we were equally blindsided by her reaction and the reaction of our boys. She was crushed, the boys were livid. Suddenly, our lives went from theoretical to crisis. We had never considered rejecting our gay children and now we were threatened with total rejection. Not so much by my daughter but unanimously by the three boys. In the days of torment, crying out to the Lord, wanting to love Him and my children, He spoke to me. “Who is honored and glorified if your family is destroyed?”
There is a verse I claimed when Bob and I were engaged and it is on our wedding invitations and his ring.Isaiah 55:13 “This will be for the LORD’s renown, for an everlasting sign, that will endure forever.” This verse has gotten me through some tough times and remembering it triggered my question. “Who is honored and glorified if your family is destroyed?” Only the Enemy. I called my daughter and I said “I will make your wedding dress and I will love who you love.” Bob came to the same point through his own time with the Lord. This was the pivot point in stepping from accepting into affirming.
I say to all Christians, our Lord is not honored by the destruction of our families. These are the children God has knowingly and lovingly given us. We should love them in the light with thankfulness for they are beloved by God.

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